Calling WebAPI service from Windows Phone 8 using HttpClient

I had to solve what I figure must be a typical problem for a windows phone developer today, invoking a WebAPI service from the Mobile side. I found documentation on this process rather scarce, so here’s how you do it.

NuGet is your friend in this regard.

Step 1.

PM>  Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client -Pre

Step 2.
Confirm references


Step 3.

Now you can use ¬†the HttpClient Async API to invoke your WebAPI service and return data. Here’s an example.


Which can then be used like this


To download the source click here.


Can’t start the Windows Phone Emulator – The Windows Phone Emulator couldn’t start because the hypervisor isn’t running.

So I figured I’d document my first experiences with the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

First issue I ran into was an error “The Windows Phone Emulator couldn’t start because the hypervisor isn’t running.”


While the information shown in the “more information” link helps its a bit verbose.

Basically enable “Execute disable bit” and “Intel Virtualization Technology” in the equivalent BIOS settings of your motherboard.


and ensure you have the “Hyper-V” features turned on


That’s it. Should be working now!